“Broken Word”

well designed | highly customisable | fully automated

Made with Adobe After Effects


“Broken Word” is an easily customisable animation template with several over- and underlaying effects, all created in Adobe After Effects. Everything is fully automated and randomly created without the use of any keyframes.

At the heart of the template lies a simple text layer. You can overwrite it, adjust its typeface and position it freely within the canvas. All character settings apply too, only the coloration part is managed by expressions.

If you aren’t happy with the default canvas resolution (which is set to 2.35 : 1), go through all included compositions inside the template and set them to whatever resolution you need. All layers will automatically adjust to your new settings.

“Broken Words” uses a combination of custom effects based on “expressions”, an internal code language which expands the scope of After Effects ability to animate text and graphics.

Most of these expressions are random generators, designed to automatically produce endless variations of stunning motion graphics. However, essential parameters of the code are attached to “expression controls”. These are powerful sliders which will enable you to tweak the dynamics and appearance of the animation.

The coloration options are simple yet powerful. Choose a lead color, a tint and invert the whole thing if needed. Since the template uses vector based graphics only, nearly all elements will adapt to your choices.

“Broken Word” is a culmination of my 20+ years of experience as a visual artist and template creator. I wanted to create something unique, yet useful and intuitive.

The template combines a lot of expressions on nearly every layer it contains. It took all my knowledge to get those expressions working while being easy to handle and flexible enough to be used in any environment possible. It took me around 80 hours of time to finish it.

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