Media Type: After Effects Template CC.2019
Specs: 1920 x 1080 px, 208 kb
Expressions: universalised
Plugins: none

Synch this template with a single track or an entire mix-set simply by dragging layer markers. Add up to 12 labels which will automatically fade over each other. The expression controlled color management will help you to apply an individual styling. Use this template to add a cool 90’ies look to your next music video.

The customisation is fairly easy. Once you have opened the template in After Effects, you simply switch to the “AUDIO” comp and drag your audio file into its timeline. Back in the main comp, drag the layer markers to indicate at what point the animation should begin and the audio should start playing. In case of a mix you place the markers for the labels in-between your transitions. Finally you can select the settings layers to make additional adjustments.