Photo Animator

Media Type: After Effects Template CC.2017
Specs: 1920 x 1080 px, 26 kb
Expressions: universalised
Plugins: none

The template is built around After Effects “Displacement Map”, which is a method of moving fields of pixels based on a black & white interpretation of your photo. The effect needs some preparation and this is where the template comes into play. A simple 4-steps procedure will guide you through the process and helps you to get the best results out of the image you would like to displace. Finally you will create a 3D looking movement using a 2D image, also known as the 2.5D or parallax effect.

Download and customisation is available for a reasonable price and there are no additional royalty restrictions. You can use the template in whatever project you like, private or commercial. I only ask you to not resell or redistribute the template. If you would like to further support me, you can like, subscribe or follow me on my various social network accounts.


The customisation is fairly easy. Once you have opened the template in After Effects, you simply import your photo and place it into the first comp. The next part is the most essential since it determines which part of the image will be animated. Choose the drawing tool with the bottom layer selected and start drawing. The principle is simple: the lighter the area, the more it will be affected. Once you are satisfied with your map you can select the settings layers of the following comps to make additional adjustments.

If you are unexperienced with After Effects, you might consider to order the template including the 1-hour personal training. If you are not sure about the compatibility with your After Effects version, feel free to send me a message to make sure that this is the right template for your needs. I am happy to help where I can.