For Patrons only

At its heart, Patreon is a form of crowdfunding, which is funding that relies on people like you and me to donate small amounts of money. But while most crowdfunding platforms focus on funding a single project, Patreon’s goal is to fund the person behind the project. It is targeted towards artists and allows them to build their own communities out of members that act as both, audience and patrons. Backed by their community, artists can than experiment with different ways to present their artwork and develop “Pledges”, which are basically products or services for which they are going to be paid. On this page I want to introduce you into my own profile on Patreon and talk about the pledges that I have created so far.


My first love is photography, therefor most of my pledges are built around this topic. At the forefront are my two most important templates: the PHOTO ANIMATOR and the PHOTO ANIMATOR DELUXE. As a patron you have not only access to these two templates, but on top I will organize regular hangouts in which I will teach you how to use them to create stunning animated photos.


Like most social media platforms, Patreon profiles consist mostly of a feed of posts that artists can publish. The difference is though, that individual posts can be locked from public view and made available for patrons only. This is called the “Patrons Feed”. On my patrons feed, I want to publish print media with a practical use. Starting with postcards, which can simply be downloaded and printed by patrons and ending with fine art prints on canvas, which I will produce, sign and send to me patrons.

There are patrons with a golden heart who just want to support artwork they like, without expecting anything in return. But still, everybody deserves something, even if they don’t really want it. Therefor I will credit all my patrons on this very page.